Explaining Dot Native: The ADBL's digital marketing course [video]

By Richard Burns on 08-Jul-2015 15:11:00

Hundreds of short videos to get up to speed and stay up to date on the latest in digital marketing.

Dot Native is a digital learning platform where experienced and budding digital marketers can get up to speed and stay up to date on the latest in digital marketing, in just 60 minutes a week.

The Dot Native programme is made up of short courses in: digital awakening; mobile marketing; digital eco-system; content marketing; customer relationship management (CRM); measurement and analytics; social media; branding; programmatic marketing; and search engine marketing (SEM/SEO).

Follow the Dot Native course in three steps:

  1. Get up to speed in the essentials by studying 10 short courses in digital marketing.
  2. Spend 60 minutes a week staying up to date and earn the ADBL Certified Member Status.
  3. Get recognised by sharing your qualification on LinkedIn.

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Richard Burns

Written by Richard Burns

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