CNN selects the ADBL as digital training partner

By Richard Burns on 22-Jul-2015 14:52:00


The ADBL has agreed a global partnership with CNN, recognising the academy as the leading provider of training and development for digital business leaders.

A major international business news publisher, CNN has heard first-hand the needs and requirements of global businesses. The publisher has witnessed the high number of organisations around the world that are facing the challenge of preparing their leaders to take advantage of digital technology.

Offering advanced training for business executives seeking to up-skill to lead digital businesses, the ADBL (Academy of Digital Business Leaders) already boasts several partnerships with highly regarded industry bodies. Through the ADBL, organisations can provide their staff with professionally accredited courses from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM), the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD), and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), alongside the ADBL's own industry leading courses. Further, the ADBL offers Squared Online, the digital marketing qualification developed with Google.

CNN partnership a natural fit

Founded by digital pioneers, developed by experts in executive education, and delivered by inspiring leaders, the ADBL's partnership with CNN is a natural fit.

A world leader in online news and information delivery, CNN shares the ADBL's vision. Empowering and enabling efficient transformation in organisations by developing both the talent and mindset required to innovate and succeed in the digital age is a prime principle for both organisations.

Publicising the ADBL's range of training courses on its international homepage, CNN has made a firm commitment to widening the availability of executive training, affording the ADBL a global coverage.

"We are thrilled to be selected by CNN as their partner to provide training and development for their international audience of business leaders," Shevaun Haviland, Founding Director of the ADBL, says of the partnership. "Through our collaboration with CNN, the ADBL will be able to reach an even higher number of organisations that need to adapt and evolve to remain relevant in today's digital world."

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Written by Richard Burns

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