Digital transformation in the public sector: The Executive Diploma interview

By Richard Burns on 13-May-2016 13:00:28

Drivers in the public sector have evolved considerably in recent years, resulting in demand for better experiences delivered at the best value possible.

In this video, Dave Pearce, Chief Technology and Information Manager (CTO) at Wigan and Bolton Council, explains how they have exploited digital in order to better serve the public. A recent graduate on the Executive Diploma in Digital Business, Dave speaks openly about his experiences on the course.

Find out more about the Executive Diploma in Digital Business, including the course syllabus, learning outcomes and entry criteria.

Find out more about the Executive Diploma


Richard Burns

Written by Richard Burns

Richard is an experienced writer and content creator in the executive education space, having contributed to a wide range of international publications including Businessweek, Times of India, and many more.

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