Free webinar: How to create a digitally capable organisation

By Richard Burns on 13-Jul-2015 17:15:00


Gain actionable insight on up-skilling your business for the digital age. Join the ADBL’s free webinar, How to create a digitally capable organisation.

[Update: this event has now taken place, but you can watch the event recording of How to create a digitally capable organisation]

On Thursday 23rd July at 4pm in the UK or 11am Eastern USA, the ADBL (Academy of Digital Business Leaders) will host a free webinar for professionals who are responsible for their organisation’s digital capabilities and skill-set. Planned with direct take-back to work actions, the webinar will prove useful for executives working within learning and development, and human resources, as well as hands-on c-suite level executives.

Focussed on digital transformation in organisations, the event is a natural progression from our Digital Skills Transformation event, co-hosted by both the ADBL and CIPD at Google’s London headquarters.

During the webinar, our handpicked panel will be discussing a range of topics that were popular at the event earlier this month. This includes: stepping up to the digital skills challenge in 2015; producing a model for a digitally capable organisation; and implementing tactical opportunities to make the most of your existing team.

Our panel for the webinar on 23rd July will be:

  • Tom Bryant, UK Government Senior Advisor on Digital Skills
  • Michael Curry, CEO, the ADBL
  • Ben Rowland, Co-Founder, Arch Apprentices

[Update: this event has now taken place, but you can watch the event recording of How to create a digitally capable organisation]

Watch the webinar video


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