Industrial Developments, Part 1: Retail, Finance and Telecoms

By Hannah Barnsdall on 19-Dec-2017 10:55:20

This month, we’re looking at the latest digital transformation news in retail, finance and telecoms.

  • Japanese retailer Uniqlo is looking to focus in on their digital transformation by adopting AI solutions and hiring more experienced technology specialists. This stems from a belief that the management team have that AI-based systems could help factories, distributors and stores analyse data on consumer behaviour to drive decisions around inventory and logistics. This is all with the purpose of driving operational efficiency.

  • BNP Paribas has acquired a majority stake in Gambit Financial Solutions - a leading European provider of robo-advisory investment solutions. They’ve described this as a key milestone in their digital transformation programme, as this technology has the capability to transform client journeys with advisory-guided, or fully autonomous, interfaces.

  • Huawei is pledging $1 billion for a three-year digital transformation plan, more specifically, in solutions to fast-track telecoms operator upgrades. Executive Director of the Board, Ryan Ding, said ‘Digital transformation is now a common business goal. In the past few years, we used to talk about the direction and architecture of digital transformation. This year, our focus has evolved to digital business and services. This is a very encouraging change.’


Hannah Barnsdall

Written by Hannah Barnsdall

Hannah Barnsdall is a B2B Marketing Executive for AVADO Digital. Having studied History of Art at university, Hannah spent two years as a Marketing Executive in a FinTech company before joining AVADO in March 2017. Her work primarily focuses on content production for the digital side of the business - creating everything from product collateral, whitepapers, blogs and webinars. Hannah's passion is writing, which is put to good use in this role!

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