It's National Apprenticeship Week: Are You Prepared for the Levy?

By George Ferguson on 06-Mar-2017 17:05:21


This week marks the 10th National Apprenticeship Week, which means there will be events running up and down the country for both prospective apprentices and employers, as well as general celebrations of the work apprentices do in the UK.

Companies will be paying special attention to NAW 2017, as we are only one month away from what is perhaps the biggest ever overhaul to how UK apprenticeships are funded.

Previously, companies received apprenticeship funding from the government, but from 6 April 2017 all companies will have to pay 0.5% of all their payroll over £3,000,000 into the new Apprenticeship Levy. These funds can then be claimed back in order to fund government approved apprenticeship schemes. Many employers will be looking to use this week to learn the ins and outs of the new system, and the wise among them will already be looking at how they can get the most out of their levy funds.

It's not just the method of funding that's changing. For the first time ever, university graduates of any age will be eligible for apprenticeships. This means that levy funds can be used to upskill existing employees as well as new hires fresh out of school. With many existing qualifications already meeting the government's new standards for apprenticeship training, it will be key for companies to convert their current training offerings into apprenticeship formats in order to take full advantage of their levy funds.

If you or your company are concerned that you might be losing out as a result of the changes: don't panic. We know every inch of the Levy, so we're the perfect people to turn to for advice on how to get the most out of your funds.


Click here to find out how AVADO can help your company plan for the Apprenticeship Levy.

George Ferguson

Written by George Ferguson

George Ferguson is a Marketing Executive at AVADO. Having studied English at university, George spent a year working as a Paralegal before making the career move to Marketing by joining AVADO through a graduate scheme in 2016. His work primarily focuses on content production, maintaining AVADO’s social media accounts and regularly updating the blog with news, interviews, research, and student testimonials. George also writes copy for everything from adverts and emails to web pages and brochures, ensuring that his writing skills are always being put to good use.

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