Warding off disruption through inclusive learning at Barclays

By Richard Burns on 01-Apr-2016 13:03:32

In this video, Barclays' Head of Organisational Development, David Jones talks frankly about the bank's difficulties in digital transformation and how they overcame them through an inclusive learning strategy.

Filmed at AVADO's Digiskills Event at Google's UK headquarters, David gives valuable insight into applying transformative learning to evolve an organisation to compete with more agile disruptors entering the maket.

Watch David's full, on-demand talk to learn how Barclay's is warding off its potential 'Uber moment'.

Watch David's full on-demand talk


Warding off potential disruption

"Traditional banking is being severely disrupted at this point in time, by new, much more agile competitors," David explains in the above video.

"Barclays is 325 years old this year and we have legacy systems that are archaic and you get to want to do anything innovative and it's really really hard to do.

"But you've got the likes of the Metro Bank where you can actually go in and get your debit card, actually within 40 minutes of being in there. You've got First Direct with a fantastic system. You've got Apple Pay coming through. You've even got Google as well who are in this space, I do believe they have a banking license and they've just launched a new bank called Atom Bank that's coming out and it's a completely different experience.

"The customer has changed, so we've changed ourselves here as well. We want things to happen straight away. We don't want long arduous form filling processes. We want things to be instant and most importantly we need things to be anytime. So anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Developing a diverse workforce

"And as Barclays we found ourselves now with an employee workforce that is really really diverse and increasingly more divided and demanding.

"We have five generations now within Barclays at this point in time, so how do we cater for somebody that's fifty five years, sixty five years? We do actually have one lady that's 70, so 52 years working at the bank, with now a sixteen, seventeen year old apprentice that looks at the world completely differently. Massive challenge for us really as an HR function.David_Jones_from_Barclays_discusses_the_banks_digital_transformation.png

"I think Barclays is potentially facing its Uber moment. And actually I think HR are potentially facing their Uber moment. Because if we don't change what we do, if we don't actually fundamentally reverse some of the things we are doing, we will become obsolete."

Watch David's full, on-demand talk to learn how Barclay's is warding off its potential 'Uber moment'.

Watch David's full on-demand talk


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